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How ZOM Works

ZOM is a cryptocurrency (ERC-20 token) used for health and wellness coverage. ZOM is designed to provide consumers with access to health and wellness services at discounted rates ranging from 5 to 15%.


Inflationary Concept

Approximately 5% per annum on average through staking


Core Concept

ZOM is designed with a combination of inflationary and deflationary concept.


Deflationary Concept

A 25-50% burnt of transactional purchases.


Initial Supply



Circulating Supply


ZOM Will Be Introduced In Two Editions


ZOM Gold Edition

ZOM Gold Edition will be a SideChain created to facilitate the health and wellness ecosystem and will have all the features of ZOM Silver Edition plus more!


ZOM Silver Edition

ZOM Silver Edition will explore and utilize all the features of the Ethereum Blockchain in its native state.

ZOM Silver Edition

This is our way of exploring and testing what gains traction and what does not from an adoption perspective AND what is feasible and what is not from a product perspective.

A list of ZOM Silver Edition current offerings:

  • 1


    ZOMs will be used to purchase PASSES (ERC-721) for a set period. Think of this the same way you pay daily for a stay at a vacation rental whether it be a hotel or some other means of accommodation. You will be able to purchase a PASS at a daily rate in order to receive the benefit of a 5-15% discount on prescriptions and doctor visits until expiration.

    A variety of PASSES will be offered to accommodate various income levels and as such discounts will be offered in increments of 5%, 10% and 15%. It is dependent on the PASS purchased. PASSES will be pegged to FIAT (regular daily currency) in order to mitigate volatility. However, you will need ZOMs to purchase them.

  • 2


    Smart Contracts designed to ensure you receive our 5-15% discounts when you visit a doctor or pharmacy. You must have a PASS in order for this to apply to you. No PASS, No discounts.
    (50% of ZOMs used as payment will be burnt - Deflationary Concept)

  • 3


    ZOMs will be used for fundraising events that are wellness driven such as : 5k Run and Walk Marathons.
    (25% of ZOMs will be burnt - Deflationary Concept)

  • 4


    As we explore new offerings for ZOM we will be deploying various smart contracts to test their feasibility before they go to market. Selected users of ZOM will be invited to provide feedback. You may qualify for selection through one of two instances:

    1. Own greater than 50,000 ZOMs
    2. Weekly Transactions of ZOMs

    The Sandbox Testing is the basis on which ZOM Silver Edition will constantly evolve and ultimately serve as the cornerstone for the creation of ZOM Gold Edition.

ZOM Gold Edition

This is the introduction of the ZOM SideChain that will be specially developed to facilitate the health and wellness ecosystem.


Some features that will be included are:

  • 1

    All the features of ZOM Silver Edition
    See Features

  • 2

    Users will be able to share their medical records with multiple medical professionals.

  • 3

    A ‘ZOM Store’ where you may download apps focused on health and wellness.

Please read the white paper for full disclosure of the ZOM SideChain Characteristics.
Read ZOM White Paper

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ZOM is YAZOM’s promise to constantly help with the access of healthcare initiatives. Some of the benefits include:


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Why ZOM?

Next Generation Consumer Health And Wellness

ZOM is inspired by the founder’s vision to see people healthier and more active therefore increasing their natural lifespan. ZOM is focused on rewarding those that achieve their health and wellness targets through Yazom. It is also geared towards making access to healthcare more convenient irrespective of the time and location.

«ZOM’s mission is ambitious but simple - motivate people to take care of themselves»

ZOM’s mission is ambitious but simple - motivate people to take care of themselves by setting health and wellness targets daily with Yazom and if the need arises you may access a healthcare provider. ZOM tokens are used to purchase products that grant you a discount therefore reducing the burden of expenses. You can later on fact check a tamper proof history of all transactions should the need arise.

We don’t offer insurance, we are the insurance.